A new site for Galle

An announcement, rather than an opinion piece for a change. I have set up a new site, a town portal for Galle, All Galle. Design and development by me, the site is to be mostly run by my wife. It has been well received so far.The site is a town guide and events site, and has been live only a few weeks, so we have a lot of work to do on it. Please take a look if you have any interest in/links with Galle or Sri Lanka. It is not just a directory: it has descriptions, galleries, maps and event listings.

The local business community has been very supportive of the site, and I have got lots of flattering feedback on the design (given that I do not really regard myself as designer as such).

At the moment we could really do with links, PR, social network likes, and all the rest of what helps a brand new site get started.

We also need more content, but that is going almost overwhelmingly well!