This site is my personal site but is one of several I run or develop for myself and others.

I have some work related blog posts on my company site so if you have an interest in software development (custom CRMs, custom CMSs and similar, financial as well as financial and numerical software) please have a look there.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Found your blog by accident. Us journos need pulling up on a regular basis.

    But just wanted to say — your money terms site has some very good, clear content. Appreciated!

    Just point out i couldnt find a way of contacting you thru it.


  2. Thanks for the comment on Money Terms. It is especially encouraging coming from a journalist from the FT.

    I have added an email address to the about page.

  3. Your tax haven post was spot on.

    Many moons ago, I worked for a tyre manufacturer with a good line in calendars (nuff said)

    Due to the efficiency of the plant, their business was booming and they had a strong export record.

    Enter Mrs T and exchange control relaxations: within 6 months, all sales were being factored through a bank in Lugano, who would invoice on at much higher prices. Margins were reduced to about 2% and in no time at all this previosuly thriving concern was making a significant loss, as a result of which myself and half the workforce were made redundant.

    Greed is good!!

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