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List of Django IDEs

Posted by Graeme in Internet,Software at 2:12 pm on Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I have a more detailed review of Python IDEs that is probably a lot more useful.

As requests for IDE recommendations on the django-users mailing list/Google Group, and as I assume that anyone developing with Django knows they should search for answers on the net before asking, here is a summary of the most often recommended options.

What I have omitted:

I currently use Geany, but intend to try Ulipad, Gedit and, possibly, Eric. Geany is pretty good for something that light, but has some shortcomings: unintelligent (if generally effective) auto completion, no support for Django template language (highlights as HTML), and some GUI imperfections.

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Comment by Robee at 3:11 am on 5 October 2012 at

I use eclipse for Django IDE. It’s very easy to use and very helpful. But I hate its memory usage, so greedy.

Comment by Graeme at 11:55 am on 10 February 2013 at

I am still using Geany, but am thinking of switching back to Komodo Edit for Django templates: it has much better HTML auto completion, and validates Django template syntax.