List of Django IDEs

I have a more detailed review of Python IDEs that is probably a lot more useful.

As requests for IDE recommendations on the django-users mailing list/Google Group, and as I assume that anyone developing with Django knows they should search for answers on the net before asking, here is a summary of the most often recommended options.

  • Pycharm: proprietary, expensive, full featured with lots of Django specific features including GUI for project creation, extensive auto-completion even in templates,. Very often recommended on the mailing list. $100 for individual license, free for open source and classroom use. Review here.
  • Aptana Studio 3: open source, Eclipse/PyDev based and available as an Eclipse plug-in as well as stand alone, full featured with Django code completion etc. Often recommended on mailing list. Comparative review with Komodo, Pycharm, WIng IDE, Netbeans.I
  • Komodo: Komdo Edit is an open source editor, Komodo IDE is a proprietary based on it. Some features of the IDE can be added to Komodo Edit with plugins. Both support Django templates fairly well (including highlighting syntax errors). IDE costs $195 for a single license, $87 year for support and upgrades.
  • WingIDE: proprietary, full featured, Django support including template debugging. Single license $95 for non-commercial use, $245 for comemrcial use. Support and upgrades $89/year.
  • Gedit: a text editor, but it can be turned into a fairly full featured Django IDE with plugins.
  • Geany: Lightweight, but surprisingly good auto-completion. No support for Django templates (HTML highlighting only). Not a replacement for any of the above, but light weight. I use it on my netbook.
  • Ulipad: Another lightweight option, and what I intend to try next. A text editor with some IDE features, and a Django support plugin.
  • Emacs with various modes: no doubt very powerful, but not directly comparable to the others.
  • Vim plus plugins: not really comparable with any of the above other than Emacs, and I really do not want to get into that war.

What I have omitted:

  • Anything that is not cross platform
  • Plain text editors
  • Anything lacking documentation (Eric, at least as far as its Django support goes), positive reviews or recommendations on the mailing list.

I currently use Geany, but intend to try Ulipad, Gedit and, possibly, Eric. Geany is pretty good for something that light, but has some shortcomings: unintelligent (if generally effective) auto completion, no support for Django template language (highlights as HTML), and some GUI imperfections.

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  1. I am still using Geany, but am thinking of switching back to Komodo Edit for Django templates: it has much better HTML auto completion, and validates Django template syntax.

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