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Silliest blog post

Posted by Graeme in Politics,Religion at 10:43 am on Tuesday, 10 April 2007

This has got to be one of the silliest statements ever made on any of the blogs I read regularly.

Eric Rasmusen, who is undoubtedly very intelligent and usually rational, thinks that the wave of emigration of the rich and Christians from Iraq does not show that anything is wrong in the country. He has “no doubt” that they wanted to leave before (i.e. under Saddam Hussein).

Why does he have no doubt? Does the Christian flight Iraq have nothing do with the persecution they are facing from increasingly powerful Islamic fundamentalists, which they did not face under Saddam’s oppressive but secular government.

If the rich “no doubt” wanted to leave before, why did they not leave before? The affluent and those with valuable skills have always been welcome in many countries.

Those who fled from Saddam’s Iraq were member of ethnic minorities (such as the Kurds) who he persecuted, and political opponents. Now it is the Christians and anyone who can get out. I think we can draw a valid conclusion from this.

I live in a country that has one of the world’s highest emigration rates. I know that many people still prefer to live in their home land. I know lots of people who have dual nationality (mostly British), foreign spouses, who have given up residence rights in a developed country to live here, or who are rich or highly skilled enough to easily obtain a residence visa in the US, Australia or even Europe (which is harder).

Apart from a few adventurous sorts, most people have a homeland and want to cling to it whatever. They leave when they are desperate. I have no doubt that many Iraqis, especially members of religious minorities, are desperate.

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