I have mentioned my other sites and the various changes but some thanks and acknowledgements are needed.

All three of my sites are running on WordPress. Although known as blog software (and that it what it is in the default configuration) it is very versatile and makes a great CMS for many sites. The support forums are very invaluable. The most useful for me of the many plugins I have tried have been The_excerpt Reloaded (which allowed my to show excerpts to the length I wanted) and WP-Cache (which made my sites noticably faster loading).

Two of my sites are using modified versions of Mike Little’s Journalised theme. It is a reasonably easy three column theme to work with and looks pretty good.

Finally, my favourite desktop application is the Firefox web browser. If you are still using Internet Explorer, and you use the web anything more than very occasionally, it is well worth updating to this much more modern browsers – it is more productive, more secure and more usable. The only other browser that even comes close it Opera. Firefox’s most amazing feature is its extensibility. I have 12 extensions installed, but the one that needs mentioning here, is the one that helps with website design, the Web Developer Toolbar extension. If you design or run a website, you need this.