Websites do not need to support Internet Explorer?

As much as I dislike Microsoft Internet Explorer, and as much as I wish that people would make their own lives and those of website developers better by using better web browsers, I have always taken supporting it as a necessary evil. It is bundled with Windows and most people take whatever it suits MS gives them.

So I found it pleasing, but very surprising, that a number of participants in a discussion on a site that largely attracts people working web-start-ups suggested that Internet Explorer support was something one could skimp on to save money.

This may sound like the ravings of someone who is so sick of designing around IE’s many bugs, that they are simply giving up regardless of the commercial imperative to support it. In fact, they do present a good argument. The majority of early adopters do not use Internet Explorer.

I have not seen any numbers to prove that this is true,  but the numbers I have seen on my own site, and other that disclose their stats, do make it plausible.

So, tech savvy people know better than to use IE. Perhaps we can now start persuading people that smart people also do not use Windows.