The software trap

Software companies have long ignored piracy most developing Asian countries, as a way of building market share. They are now starting to crack-down, and Adobe have apparently started on Sri Lanka. A friend of mine asked me what a business faced with a sudden increase in its costs (licences for some of this stuff are expensive), could do by way of switching to open source. This is my reply. Continue reading

Volunteers? No.

I have noticed that the media make serious factual mistakes when covering any topic about which I have any real knowledge. This applies even to supposedly quality media. I can only assume that what I read about topics/countries/issues that I have no particular knowledge is equally wrong. Continue reading

Apps designed for smart people

f you read the same blogs I do, you may recognise where I got the title of this post from. An email from Mike Vanier that was published on Paul Graham’s website describes the difference between computer languages designed for smart programmers and “the masses”.

It recently struck me that a similar divide applies to users as well as programmers, and that programs exist to cater to both smart users and the others. Continue reading