Free media experiment – day 3

More great reading and some interesting discoveries on video (although I did not actually watch anything on any length) yesterday.

I finished the Kipling I started yesterday Plain Tales from The Hills and it remained good till the end. I then read a very different collection of short stories: Werehunter by Mercedes Lackey. I skipped the second of two stories about Diana Tregarde “occult detective”, but the rest of the book was delightful. It ended with two stories set in Kipling’s time, set in and about a boarding school for children sent home (for fear of tropical disease) by parents in the colonies. They also subverts the Frances Hodgson Burnett type book by making the couple running the school extremely nice: but as its fantasy they are telepaths, as are two little girls.

I did not watch any video, apart from a few short clips, but I am amazed by how much is out there. I shall have to watch more to decide on its quality. There is one film I am looking forward to watching when it is released. The makers of Star Trek (and Babylon 5) parody Star Wreck are working on (and have finished filming) their new film, Iron Sky.

It has a wacky plot, about a Nazi colony that has been on the far side of the moon since 1945 invading the earth. This is fine as the film is intended to be a dark comedy, and gives it an immediate advantage of most of Hollywood’s so-called “science-fiction” which has equally bizarre plots taken seriously. The trailer looks promising.