Free books and media – day 6

An uneventful day. No video and just one book finished.

The book was Baen’s Free Short Stories 2011, continuing my burst of SF. It is just five spec fic (SF and fantasy) short stories of various types and quality.

An OK read, but nothing special.

I continued to look for free films, and started looking at There is a lot there, but it will take me a while to find what I like.

I found a few more books to download, and in general I thing it is all working out well. I have not yet had any great urge to break the rules I set my self, I am reading more, and watching more than usual — as I still have work to do and children to bring up I have been sleeping a bit less than usual. I have also not been doing anything to kill time, because I always have more books I want to read conveniently on by tablet.