Free books and media – days 22 to 25

Less than a week to go, and I broke my rules for the first time. A tweet with a link to an extremely funny Catherine Tate video on Youtube was too much for me, but, other than that, things continue to go well.

Nothing much new regarding films and video: the one film I watched was Four Eyed Monsters, which was a disappointment. Despite god reviews, and a good start, the premise of the film quickly got tedious and the characters silly and pretentious.

As for books, I enjoyed some nice light reading in F Anstey’s The Brass Bottle. I know so little about books from further back than a few decades, unless they are major works of literature. This experiment has, once again, taught me that there is a lot out there that I do not know about.

I have also read two stories from a complete (I think!) works of Poe.

I have also started reading The Wealth of Nations. This is also going to be a test of whether, as I feel is likely, hefty books are easier to read in electronic form. It is not a book I expect to complete in the next week, but I will blog further on it as I read through it (and I will be reading other books in parallel).