Free media experiment – day 2

The second day of my experiment in reading, watching and listening only to free stuff went fairly well. I discovered one author I had not appreciated, and watched another OK video.

I am hugely enjoying Kipling’s Plain Tales from the Hills. It is insightful, moving and amusing. I have never read Kipling apart from children’s books, and discovering him is definitely another success of this experiment.

Kipling’s image as an imperialist or dated writer is grossly unfair, he is far too subtle and convincing to be so narrowly defined.

The video for the day was Who the Fuck is Chip Seinfeld?, a fake documentary about Jerry Seinfeld’s (fictional) talentless and obnoxious brother. It is funny, and occasionally very funny. Not amazingly good: I have watched worse on TV (and I am very selective about what I watch when I do have access to a TV) but it is not good enough to be worth buying a DVD of (but you do not need to buy a DVD, its just a free download away).